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Contract & Rules

You are responsible for knowing and following these rules:


You are a valued customer of Ride N Style Limousine and we want you to enjoy the use of our

vehicle. We want to ensure that our vehicle is undamaged for future use. These rules apply to all rentals without exception.


1. We must receive a $100 deposit or credit card information to reserve the Limousine for any high demand days. Example: Dances & Weddings. This deposit will count toward the total payment.

2. The balance is due at the time of pickup, either in cash or a credit card number.


3. Ride N Style Limousine agrees to provide a stretch Hummer limousine and driver at the time, place, and date specified on the reservation.


4. Additional hours will be provided for a predetermined fee and only if the vehicle is not already booked during that time.

5. Ride N Style Limousine and its employees are not responsible for any unattended, forgotten, lost, damaged, or stolen items left in the vehicle at any time.


6. Ride N Style Limousine is not responsible for delays caused by any Act of God, traffic, or road closures.


7. The sale and/or use of ILLEGAL drugs and nicotine are strictly prohibited. This includes vaping and electric cigarettes.


8. Minors are not allowed to have or consume alcohol in the vehicle.


9. You may not affix or attach anything to the interior or exterior of the vehicle without permission from Ride N Style Limousine.


10. Customer accepts full responsibility for any and all damage due to negligence or carelessness caused by any member of the renter’s group. This includes burns, rips, tears, broken glassware, spills, stains, vomit, horseplay, motion sickness and any damage that puts the vehicle in worse condition than when you rented it.


11. There is a $200-$2000 damage fee for any of the above. This is due to the possibility of having to replace upholstery or carpet if the stain or vomit is not cleanable.

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